Prenatal Massage Therapy-


Therapeutic massage during pregnancy has many wonderful benefits!  It encourages a relaxed state for Mom which will be passed on to baby.  This can begin a lifelong understanding of how to relax.  It assists with fluid movement out of the extremities and relieves muscle aches and pains from pregnancy and life.  Essential oils that are safe during pregnancy can also be added for no extra charge.  


Why every Mother should be treated by a Mother Massage® therapist:


Mother Massage® is an additional training that licensed massage therapists can take to continue their education.  All massage schools teach basic prenatal massage but this is far from being sufficient to consider oneself a specialist.  This training and subsiquent certification upon completion and passing an exam, provide the therapist with extensive tools to relieve common and uncommon prenatal concerns.  Mother Massage® therapists are dutifully taught how to evaluate for signs of when it would not be advisable for her to proceed with the massage and when it is perfectly ok to proceed.  We provide massage support prenatally, labor support and postpartum massage.  


Massage therapy is provided in the Somers office within:


Nirvana Spa & Wellness

27 Quality Ave. Suite C

Somers, CT 06071


75 minutes $80  (15 minutes allotted for intake and update on health concerns 60 minutes of massage)

105 Minutes $110 (15 minutes for intake and update and 90 minutes of massage)

Arvigo® Pregnancy Package

These sessions are done during and after pregnancy to ensure optimal position of baby for the best possible labor; and focus on uterine alignment, relaxing the pelvic floor and preparing the body for labor.  Techniques at 38-40+ weeks include labor induction techniques and Miss Hortence's famous "Ready, Set, Go" technique that is so effective at putting an overdue Mom into labor that we recommend she bring her hospital bag and partner to the appointment.  

3 sessions-$300

6 sessions-$540

In-home Postpartum Massage Therapy-

After doing this work for many years I have learned that women need and love a good massage after labor as well as the adjustment to caring for a newborn; their muscles take a beating!  But what I have also learned is that it is often unrealistic for new Mom's to come to an office for a massage because with travel time this can often mean 2-3 hours away from baby and that is often not doable for them.  It is because of this that I have decided to offer in-home postpartum massage.  Within the first 8 weeks of birth I will come to your home and bring all the necessary equipment for you to receive a massage tailored just to your needs and maybe you'll even catch a quick nap in there too!  Essential oils that are safe during breastfeeding and for a baby can also be added for no additional charge.  

60 minute massage-$100

90 minute massage-$130


Happy Mama Package- 
SAVE $40

This wonderful package includes the birth doula services as well as two 1 hour massages*--these massages can be used prenatally or postpartum.  This is a great savings, so why not take care of your body that is working so hard for you!  


*these cannot be in-home massages

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